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I can't read my journal either.


Nov. 15th, 2008 09:12 pm
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Animal Shelter Information for Orange County/ Freeway Complex Wildfire

The Anaheim Fire Department said that horses may be sheltered at:
Rancho Del Rio Stables
1314 Sandersen Ave., Anaheim
(714) 535-3510

Small Animal Shelter
Orange County Animal Shelter
1602 City Drive

Residents can also go to Katella High, where Orange Animal Shelter representatives are available to transport pets to the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Sylmar Fire

Horses and other livestock are being housed at:
Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills
(818) 719-6401

Hansen Dam Equestrian Center
(at Foothill Boulevard and Orcas Avenue)

A mobile kennel was also set up at Sylmar High School, and small pets can also be taken to the Mission Animal Shelter at Strandwood Ave. and Brarnd Blvd.
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* OC Fairground is full at this time.
* For large animals, call the animal care hotline at (714) 935-7158.
* Small animals can be taken to El Toro High School or the Orange County Animal Shelter off of The City Drive.
* The Oaks in Orange County is no longer accepting horses, due to fire risk at that facility
* San Diego Del Mar Fairground is full.
* Lakeside Rodeo Grounds located at Hwy 67 & Mapleview St. (Accepting large animals only); reaching capacity.
* Industry Hills Expo Center will take 125 large animals (626) 330-0324. They are located off of the 60 Freeway between the 57 and 605 freeways

for a current map of fires burning in Southern California, go here:,-118.146973&spn=2.199313,4.405518&z=8&om=0


May. 27th, 2007 12:27 pm
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The first outdoor PostSecret event will be held in Toronto this week.

Place: The Ontario College of Art and Design (100 McCaul Street.)
Date: May 31st (Thursday)
Time: 8:00pm

This is the only event planned for Canada this year so please arrive early, space is limited.
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Hey UK people, I thought I'd pass this on just in case. You never know.

from [ profile] hflf
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A new issue of the _Old English Newsletter_ (vol. 39.1) is now online at This issue includes announcements, news, recent publications, reports from the _Dictionary of Old English_ and the 2005 meeting of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, essays by Tom Bredehoft ("What are Old English Metrical Studies For?") and Jennifer Santos ("Assuring the Efficacy of _Beowulf_ for Undergraduate Students"), and the annual 'Circolwyrde', a survey of new electronic resources for Anglo-Saxon studies, by Eddie Christie.
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Today, brought me a Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: A List of Manuscripts and Manuscript Fragments Written or Owned in England Up to 1100 (Helmut Gneuss).

And I was insanely pleased.


Sep. 5th, 2004 10:54 pm
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Anglo-Saxon charter goodness: Read more... )
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why can't I sleep.
I want to sleep.
I want sleep.
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Happy Birthday C. !


Jun. 26th, 2004 10:41 am
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The 40th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2005) "Call For Papers" web version is now available:
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The Chaucer Journal: The Chaucer Journal invites submissions for its second annual issue. If you wish to submit an article or write a review, please write to one of the editors: Jean E. Jost, Dept. of English, Bradley Univ., Peoria, IL 61625, or Juris G. Lidaka, Dept. of English, West Virginia State Coll., Institute, WV 25112.

A Call for Papers has been released for the Leeds International Medieval Conference 2005 . The theme is: "Youth and Age". Individual paper proposals, including abstracts, for IMC 2005 (11-14 July 2005) must be submitted to the IMC Administration by 31 August 2004. Proposals for full sessions of three 20 minute papers must be submitted by 30 September 2004. See the website:

The Arizona Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies has released a Call for Papers: ACMRS at Arizona State University invites session and paper proposals for its eleventh annual interdisciplinary conference to be held February 17-19, 2005. The Center welcomes papers that explore any topic related to the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and especially those that focus on this year's theme of feast, famine, and fasting, both in its literal and metaphorical manifestations. By October 1, 2004, submit paper and/or session proposals and participant CVs online at For more information call 480-965-9323 or email
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Calls for Papers

1. Medieval Forum, an electronic journal for the promotion of scholarship in Medieval English Literature, invites submissions for its fourth volume. MF is dedicated to providing a venue for the free exchange of ideas in a collegial, public forum environment. Critical essays on works from any genre or period of the medieval corpus are invited, and a humanistic orientation is encouraged. Although the focus of MF is on literature, articles from other disciplines, particularly cultural and historical, that will contribute to the study of literature are welcome. Book reviews are also invited.
Volume 4 is anticipated in December 2004. Submissions are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis, with the deadline of 15 September. Visit our website for guidelines:

2.The Journal of the Early Book Society for the Study of Manuscripts and Printing History (JEBS) publishes several substantial articles (35–40 pages) in each volume with emphasis on the period of transition from manuscript to print. This annual's main focus is on English and Continental works produced from 1350 to 1550. JEBS 8 is scheduled to appear in the summer of 2005.Notes on recent discoveries (4–10 pages), highlighting little-known or recently uncovered texts or images may be sent to Linne Mooney ( Brief descriptions (150–450 words) of little or lesser-known collections and libraries of interest to the Society are always welcome and may be sent to the editor (see below).Essays must include endnotes and a full Works Cited list. A limited number of illustrations may be included (with complete captions and permissions citations); xeroxes of these should be sent with the essay. Send to Martha Driver, Early Book Society, English Dept., Pace Univ., 41 Park Row, New York, NY, 10038 (

3. Women's Arts News seeks 400-700 word biographies of women artists in any time period. Contact: Women's Arts News, Women's Studio Center Inc., PO Box 56155, Woolsey Station, Long Island City, NY 11105 (718-274-9585;

4. Tolkien Studies: A Yearly Journal encourages submissions devoted to critical, scholarly consideration of the work of J. R. R. Tolkien. For more information, visit and

5. ISAS (International Society of Anglo-Saxonists) 2005: "England and the Continent" Read more... )
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West Virginia University Press will be sponsoring a session on the Old Saxon Heliand at the 40th International Congress on Medieval Studies, to be held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 5-8, 2005.
Faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars are invited to submit abstracts for papers on any linguistic, philological, or literary aspect of the Heliand. Please submit one page abstracts electronically by August 15, 2004, to Marc Pierce at <>, or send an e-mail to ask for more information.
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Riddle 47

Moððe word fræt. Me þæt þuhte
wrætlicu wyrd, þa ic þæt wundor gefrægn,
þæt se wyrm forswealg wera gied sumes,
þeof in þystro, þrymfæstne cwide
ond þæs strangan staþol. Stælgiest ne wæs
wihte þy gleawra, þe he þam wordum swealg.

what am I? (translation beneath cut) Read more... )
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*Medieval Forum, an electronic journal for the promotion of scholarship in Medieval Engish Literature, invites submissions for its fourth volume, scheduled for completion in December 2004. The submission deadline is 15 September 2004.

*14th Annual Conference of the Texas Medieval Association, at the University of Dallas, in Irving, Texas. (17–18 September 2004) Call for papers, abstracts for papers on all medieval subjects should be sent before 15 August 2004 to Philipp Rosemann, Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Dallas, 1845 E. Northgate Dr., Irving, TX 75062 (

*"Texts and Contexts: A Conference sponsored by the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies at the Ohio State University." (1–2 October 2004.) The conference seeks to investigate the textual traditions of various texts and genres, including texts in classical Latin, medieval Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, and the vernaculars. Call for papers, preference will be given to those abstracts which deal with newly discovered texts and their manuscript settings, or which present new perspectives on established textual traditions. We encourage graduate students and newly established scholars to submit their work. Deadline for submission is 15 August 2004. Contact: Frank Coulson, Dir. of Palaeography, 190 Pressey Hall, 1070 Carmack Rd., Columbus, OH 43210.
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Per me si va ne la citta dolente,
per me si va ne l'etterno dolore,
per me si va tra la perduta gente...

... Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate'.

comment to be added. I make no promises, though.
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